Are you an Emotionally Safe Person? 

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The Warrior Box Project

An innovative approach to address the crisis of suicide for those who have served in the military

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Military and Veteran Related Reading List

PBS Vietnam War documentary

Click here to see my recent interview with VN Veteran Karl Marlantes as he reflects on his work on the Ken Burns/Lynn Novick PBS Vietnam War documentary. Karl Marlantes is the best-selling author of Matterhorn and What it is Like to Go to War and a recipient of the Navy Cross, 2 purple hearts and many other medals of valor. In his writing and speaking, he draws from a combination of lived experience and insightful analysis.

"Free-range Psychology"

Why flexibility and therapeutic range are the future of practice 

A new series that is hosted on Psychology

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Preview my next two books!

Marriage, for Equals

Marriage for Equals shares the stories of more than 1200 women, mostly Harvard graduates and their equally capable friends, who are working to create truly equal partnerships.

Through her seminars, groups and writing, Shauna Springer, Ph.D., offers a blunt, bold, and refreshingly truthful approach about what it takes to create and sustain an exceptional partnership. 

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Other Projects

The Invisible Threads that Bind Us...

                    ....Are Hidden in Plain Sight.

"I stand behind Shauna Springer and her work. She understands the importance of Tribe and has valuable insights to share."
                                                                             - Sebastian Junger
                                                                                Best-selling author of the books Tribe and War

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Cultural Commentary

CBC Radio One Interview "Is Marriage a Relationship Killer?" and blog posts on "The Bachelor" and other culturally promoted models of relationship

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