On this episode, host Rita Celli interviews Dr. Shauna Springer on the topic, "Is Marriage a Relationship Killer?"

On Dating and Relationships

Does the "Bachelor" Franchise Emotionally Exploit Its contestants?

     (as quoted by Melissa Locker, and published online for Cosmopolitan magazine on March 2016)

On creatively integrative therapy 

On the Transition to Parenthood

Social and Literary Commentary

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This blog is a thinking person’s reflections on life, love, and happiness. The author, Dr. Shauna Springer, is a licensed psychologist, relationship and lifestyle researcher, and author of the book Marriage, for Equals: The Successful Joint (Ad)Ventures of Well-Educated Couples . Drawing from clinical examples, literary and media sources, and relevant research, this blog series offers a clear and insightful analysis of what it really takes to create and sustain an exceptional and lasting marriage and a satisfying and successful life.