The Fox in Our Gut: 
On Hidden Pain, Courage, and Love

Hidden pain is like a hungry fox in our gut. It can silently, steadily hollow us out over time. Suffering in silence can be dangerous, even lethal in some cases. As a society, we are fighting a war against hopelessness, a war that is both widely publicized and intensely private. Each year, we lose more citizens to suicide than to car accidents, homicide, or hostile acts of war. Hidden pain affects all of us, including many of the strongest citizens in our society – our combat warfighters. The Fox in Our Gut brings the worlds of the warrior and the non-military American citizen together to shine new light on things that many of us thought we understood: for example, how to build trust, how to overcome stigma, how to approach conversations about firearm safety, how to understand the suicidal mind, and how to create a meaningful existence. Shauna Springer (known to many veterans as “Doc Springer”) offers us a window into how our bravest citizens may struggle and draws from the experiences of our warfighters to help us understand true courage and the bonds of love that keep all of us in the fight. 

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